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Mary Cornelius or Mary Cornelius Oudenga is a Kingdom citizen who entered the earth through South Sudan. Due to the war in Sudan, she was raised in Uganda as a refugee, and immigrated to the USA in 2005 with her parents and siblings, to join their step-sister Diko Cornelius in Nashville,Tennessee. Mary met her husband, Kenneth Oudenga, in 2008. They are still living in Nashville, and are blessed to have had four daughters together

As a family childcare provider,Mary has helped over thirteen nations to raise future leaders since 2016, currently with a medical clinic,Holistic Medical Center Kayunga, and an orphanage,Mercy Abundant Life Center, Kayunga District in Uganda.; and since 2022 at an orphanage, Mercy Abundant Life Center-Kayunga District in Uganda.She is grateful for her family, her Resurrected Church family, and her own parents who passed on their wealth of knowledge, and a legacy that they both did their best to pass on selflessly to their children.After watching what happened to both of them through their passing,Mary has realized that regardless of what we teach others, we’re the best people when we can tell our stories and inspire those here now, as well as generations to come.


How to Live Life With Purpose and Fulfillment

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