“I’m testifying as to what the Lord has done through his servant Rosemary Cornelius Oudenga, author of Identity: How to Live Life With Purpose and Fulfillment. This book has really inspired a better version of myself. Before I used to think that when you were born again in Christ, you were done, and all that was left was worshipping, and enjoying going to church and being with your friends. But this book opened up my mind and gave me the knowledge that there’s more to do in order to live intentionally, with purpose and fulfillment. Now I know God has created me for a reason, and I have a purpose to fulfill. After reading this book, I understand that there is a lot that God can do through me. I’m able to understand the five questions of life, as well as who I am, and my identity in Christ. I now know my potential, and my ability to do what I can while I’m on this earth. These things have inspired me more and more, and challenged me to do a lot. That’s why I’m so passionate to do more than the things I’ve already done. I’m motivated to become an author one day – something that can be passed down many generations, and will not fade away. I thank Rosemary so much, for allowing God to use her to inspire not only me, but the coming generations. I encourage others to read this book. You won’t regret it!”
Dr. Robert Jansuk, Uganda

“I want to testify about the knowledge and understanding that God has given Mrs. Mary Cornelius Oudenga, who I have known since 2008. She has been an amazing person–wife, mother, mentor, and friend. God has given her a vision, as well as the knowledge, understanding and wisdom to be a mentor to others, helping them to find the truth, and the right path for them. I believe that God has revealed a lot of things to her, and that these things are going to help nations, and generations. Meeting Mary has shifted my life completely for good, and I give glory to God and thank him for her life as a gift to me, our children, and those she is called to serve.”
Kenneth Oudenga, Tennessee


How to Live Life With Purpose and Fulfillment

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